Fourth Grade

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Teaching is my passion.  
Fourth graders are the best people I know!
About Me

Mrs. Jenny Hart

My Experience:  I have been teaching Elementary School for 20 years, 17 of those at Ouray School.  I have taught kindergarten, third grade and fourth grade.  This is my 12th year teaching fourth grade  I have a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies from Regis University in Denver.  I am a mentor teacher for new teachers earning their alternative licensure.  Teaching is my passion!

My Philosophy:  I believe all children are capable of learning.  I see my job as bringing out the very best in every child, everyday.  I stress accuracy, precision, and organization in everything we do.  I strive to individualize learning for each and every student and meet regularly with each individual to evaluate progress.  Parents are a key part of learning in our classroom and in the learning of each student at home each night.  Our classroom is a cooperative classroom community in which learning is enjoyable and challenging.

Reading: Our reading program consists of independent reading, reading in small groups, listening to reading, and reading to others.  Reading is part of our Daily 5 program.  Students will have targeted reading goals and will work with me individually on a continual basis to show growth in those goals. In addition, OES is using Making Meaning, a new reading comprehension program.   I expect students to read at home every night as part of their reading grade.  Early in the year, students read 20 minutes each night.  In October, students will set personal goals for reading homework.  Our class goal for the year is for each student to read 50 books!! 

Writing:  Our writing program consists of lots of time for writing as part of our Daily 5 program.  We will be writing every day for extended periods of time.  Using the Write Tools model, we will become experts at expository paragraphs, summaries, and reports, and learn about opinion, narrative and descriptive writing.  The steps of the writing process include planning, writing a rough draft, revising, editing, producing a final draft, and publishing.  We will work on using the following research-based traits to evaluate our writing: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions and presentation.  Students will write different forms of writing for a variety of purposes. 

Technology: Students in fourth grade explore safety, networking, general computer knowledge including knowing how and when to use a specific program.  Each student will also become proficient at key boarding, collaborating with others on-line, and evaluating the authenticity of websites.  

Word Study: Word Work will occur every day using SRA spelling and Wordly Wise.  It will be a part of our Daily 5 program.  Students will be asked to learn to spell words at home, not for a test on Friday, but forever.  In addition, beginning in October, students will have 2-3 vocabulary words to work on at home each week.  We will also be learning more about grammar with the DLI program. 

Math:  Ouray Elementary uses Everyday Math.  It is a wonderful curriculum that inspires kids to think mathematically, be proficient in basic facts, and review and relearn regularly. Homework goes home almost every night.  It should be brief- ten to twenty minutes.  Let me know if you are struggling with this.  Each family will have a parent resource packet with answers to homework, vocabulary, and at home activities which will help you help your child at home.  Basic facts are required. We will master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts this year in fourth grade.  

Science: This year we will study the sun, moon, and stars; energy and matter; and the structures of life. Our school uses the FOSS science program which is inquiry based and filled with hand-on investigations to help kids discover science by experiencing it

Social Studies: Our focus will be local and regional history as well as Colorado history.   Some of our social studies units will be integrated with science units. 

Parent help:  If you are interested in helping in our classroom regularly or intermittently, please get in touch with me.  We would love to see some parents in our classroom.

I welcome your comments and participation.  We are looking forward to a GREAT year. 


Mrs. Jenny

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 Daily Schedule

7:50-8:00            Sign in, lunch count, get ready for the day

8:00-9:35Every Day Math

9:35-10:204th A-art B-tech     



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Recess and Lunch

12:00-1:30 Literacy

1:30-1:45 Recess  

1:45-2:304 th A-pe B-music 

2:30-3:25Social Studies/ Science 

3:25-3:30Team Jobs/ Closure

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 World Tour
  • Egypt

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  • Jordan

    Posted by Jenny Hart at 4/9/2013
  • Isreal

    Posted by Jenny Hart at 4/9/2013
  • South Africa

    Posted by Jenny Hart at 1/9/2013
    South Africa
  • Laos

    Posted by Jenny Hart at 12/3/2012
  • Cambodia

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  • Mayanmar

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  • Thailand

    Posted by Jenny Hart at 10/10/2012 4:00:00 PM


 Ouray History Wiki
  • The Mystery Behind the History of Ouray

     See the online version of the student created and published ABC book of Ouray County History.

 Visual History of Ouray

Find pictures to match your topic in Ouray history

Posted by Jenny Hart at 9/8/2013
Denver Public Library pictures- In the search bar, try Ouray, Colorado or try a specific building in Ouray, Colorado.  
                                                         For example:  Elk's Lodge, Ouray, Colorado
A/B Calendar of 2014-2015

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