Language Arts

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  1. 7:50-8:40 - Français I 
  2. 8:44-9:34 - Français II
  3. 9:38-10:28 - Français III/IV
  4. 10:30-11:15 - ESGT
  5. 11:15-12:56 - Plan / Lunch
  6. 12:56-1:45 - Español I
  7. 2-2:45 - MSGT
  8. 2:42 - 3:30 - Office Hours

Videos for Syllabi (French and Spanish)
1. Intro: Welcome!
2. Part 1: Supplies:
3. Part 2: Ready for class?
4. Part 3: In class
5. Part 4: Grades:
About Me

Bonjour! It is a pleasure to be your French / Spanish Teacher and Gifted and Talented Coordinator here at Ouray School. 

I am a Denver native who has spent much of her life living in different parts of the world, and of Colorado. As a high school student I spent a year living and studying in France, and the experience inspired me to incorporate language learning and travel in my life as much as I possibly could. After graduating from East High School in 2001 I attended Bucknell University, from which I graduated summa cum laude and with honors in 2005. I took full advantage of the travel opportunities afforded me while at school. I was lucky enough to get to live and study in Scotland, Russia, and Italy during my college years, and in the process improved my French and also learned to speak Russian and Italian. Following my graduation I spent two years abroad - one in New Zealand and one back in Russia - during which I hiked, taught, and immersed myself in the varied landscape around me.

Colorado has always been my home, however. I was lucky enough when I was 23 to get to live in Durango, and I thought that would be my one chance at living in the southwestern part of the state. However, after finishing my masters at CU Boulder and working as a travel writer for a year, I was lucky enough to find this job in Ouray.

International curiosity is my passion, and studying languages and cultures has made me the person I am today. One of my most profound joys is getting the chance to cultivate this curiosity in others. In my past I've done that in lots of ways - be that through teaching interactive classes between Russian and American students, helping to set up a digital story and culture exchange between students in Boulder and Tajikistan, or writing travel guides about the best places to go running in some of the world's favorite cities (see my work at But I think teaching students - especially K-12 students - is perhaps the most hands-on and impacting manner in which I can share the joy of international learning with others. For that reason I am very glad to be here teaching in Ouray. And yeah, the miles of running, hiking, and skiing opportunities right outside my door have something to do with this happiness too.

  • Posted by Taylor Chase at 4/27/2014 
    On April 23, 10 avid readers from Ouray Elementary and Middle Schools' Gifted and Talented Program headed to Telluride to compete in a competition with their peers in their region. Each team from the different schools had read a list of 30 of the same books, and the time had come to see who knew the most about them. The Elementary Team came in third, while the Middle School team came in first! We are very proud of all the teams.
    The ES and MS 2014 BOB Teams

    BOB 2014 
  • State DI: An Experience to Remember

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 4/13/2014 
    The Elementary and Middle School Destination Imagination teams successfully competed at the State Tournament in Denver. The MS team came in 17th place, and the ES team came in 20th in their competitions. We are very proud of them!
  • Destination Imagination: Regional Champs!

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 3/15/2014 
    The Ouray School Destination Imagination Intermediate and Elementary teams competed in the Regional Competition in Durango today. Each team competed in "The Tension Builds", an engineering challenge with a dramatic twist. The Middle School team took first place in its competition, while the Elementary team took second. Both teams will participate in the State Destination Imagination tournament in Denver in April!
    Elementary team and their structure 

    Middle School Team ready to go! 
  • Back to GT night

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 9/5/2013 
    1. Introduction - 10 Myths of Gifted Education (film) (GT myths text)
    2. GT - What it is
      1. State Definition (4 categories, 97th percentile and above, needs that can't always be met in classroom)
      2. As it manifests itself at Ouray (Identification Process, Program on ES, MS, and HS levels)
      3. Parent Handbook - More information to look through (Handbook download here)
      4. The ALP - What it is, what it does
      5. Thoughts for this year - parent / student shout out
      6. How you can help
      7. Questions / Social / Cookies
  • Battle of the Books - Regional Champs!

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 4/27/2012 3:00:00 PM 
    Congrats to the Ouray School Battle of the Books team! The four members in grades 4-6 competed in a reading competition with regional rivals in Telluride, Ridgway, Norwood, and Nucla. After many rounds of intense questioning they came out on top, and were crowned the 2012 champs. Next year's tournament will be hosted by Ouray School, and we hope to be as successful in this tournament as we were this past year.
  • Destination Imagination: State Qualifiers

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 4/15/2012 3:00:00 PM 
    In their first year of competition, the Ouray School Destination Imagination team took second in the Southwest Regional Tournament and competed in the Colorado State Tournament in Denver. The team was made up of seven members of the Ouray Middle School GT program. Students met once a week to collaborate on a building project and create a unique story behind it. We were proud of the way they performed!
  • Digital Stories

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 4/1/2012 3:00:00 PM 
    Select members of the Elementary and Middle School GT Program participated in the International Digital Story Project. Students began work on creating multimedia narratives about themselves and their communities which they intend to share on an international stage next year. Jode Brexa, a teacher from the Boulder Valley School District, and Emily Rockcastle, also from Boulder, organized a student training on the creating of these digital projects, and empowered the students to take the work to the next level in the next year.
  • Crunching the Numbers behind Classical Architectur

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 3/15/2012 3:05:00 PM 

    Neither the pyramids of Egypt nor the Parthenon of Athens could have been constructed without the implementation of some important mathematical formulas. In this class students in the Elementary GT Program were able to learn a bit about these concepts, as well as the great and important history of the buildings that came about because of them. The year culminated with a study of the Golden Mean as it related to Leonardo Da Vinci, Fibonacci spirals, and some of the most beautiful manifestations of art and nature.

  • Conscious Construction

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 12/12/2011 2:00:00 PM 
    Students in the Ouray Middle School GT Program were able to participate in a semester-long pullout class in which they were able to explore the necessities and practices of sustainable architecture. The program featured presentations by builder Sean Hart, who spoke about the practical aspects of sustainable building, and Mayor Bob Risch, who spoke about environmentally-conscious changes being implemented by the town of Ouray. At the end of the class students constructed and experimented with mini building projects of their own.
  • International Peace Day

    Posted by Taylor Chase at 9/22/2011 2:00:00 PM 

    Teachers Ms. Lisa Plank and Ms. Taylor Chase spoke to students from the Ouray GT Program about their experiences teaching and living abroad in Micronesia and Russia, respectively.