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Hello, Everyone! The final seeds are out for the SJBL MS G BSKT North Regional tournament at Ridgway Secondary School on Saturday, December 2, 2017:
#1 = Ridgway
#2 = Norwood
#3 = Ouray
#4 = Naturita
#5 = Telluride
Ouray's first game is against Norwood at 11:30 a.m. Ouray will be the visitors on the scoreboard for this game, and will wear orange. Players are to bring both colors of uniforms.
We are still leaving Ouray at 8:00 a.m. for several reasons...
1. ...so that the girls will be up-and-moving;
2. ...we can watch Telluride vs Naturita in the 9:00 a.m. game as a team to review what we will be doing on the court;
3. ...we can shoot at half-time of the 10:15 a.m. between the winner of Telluride/Naturita and Ridgway to get in motion for our game;
4. ...since I will be driving/coaching solo, the players and I need to be together;
5. ...I am helping at the scorer's table with games in which we are not involved, since most of the Ridgway personnel are attending their HS games at the Paonia tournament.
Even though admission is not normally charged for MS BSKT dual match-ups, the host school usually charges for tournaments due to the increased cost for officials and workers, so be prepared to pay at the door, probably $5.00 per adult.

Ouray-Ridgway-Silverton XC 2017 State Results


Hayden Hart = 94th place … 13:39

Rock Gibbs = 122nd place … 13:54

Paton Edwards = 166th place … 14:15 [316th place … 16:12]

Kaden Nelson = 261st place … 15:07 [259th place … 15:29]

Canyon Ishikawa = 273rd place … 15:16

Team placing: 28th out of 62 teams


Kaitlyn Winkelmann = 59th place … 14:45 [90th place … 15:13]

Mica Hart = 112th place … 15:27

Meah Mordecai = 191st place … 16:14

Katie Woodman = 257th place … 17:04

Anna Mahlin = 357th place … 18:36

Team placing: 23rd out of 51 teams

Costatecrosscountry 17Costatecrosscountry ouray 2


Costatecrosscountry ouray 16

Costatecrosscountry ouray 20


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