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At the speech meet this weekend here is how it came out. Ella 1st Original Oratory , Joy 5th Poetry, Caeley 7th Informative Speaking, 12th Creative Storytelling Sadie, 17th Nisha Drama.
It was another competitive meet and our team did really well. Great job!
It was held Saturday, January 28th in Delta. The speech team is doing so well and each person is really doing a personal best at each meet. It is so much fun to see the growth of everyone. Nisha had her very first meet! Sadie had her best scores and reviews ever. Caeley competed in informative speaking for the first meet ever and did so well. Joy performed so well even though she did not feel 100% she gave everything she had and it showed. Ella has been working hard spending time on her piece and she nailed it.
Great job team! I am so very proud of you. Keep working hard! Montrose meet is this coming weekend.
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