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The Knowledge Bowl teams competed in Telluride yesterday for the league championship.  Our Middle School A team  (Rock, Hayden, Pal, Colin) battled it out in the top room all night and (scoring 17 points in one round) emerged with the third place trophy.  The MS B team (Mary Jane, Luna, and Riley) placed 12th out of 18 teams.  It was a lucrative season for the middle school.  They brought home a trophy from every tournament.
On the high school side, our A team (Cooper, Evan, Mackenzie, and Aaron) convincingly re-captured the league title with a 30 point margin of victory over Telluride and the other schools in the league.  Congratulations for an awesome performance.  Our B team (Ry, Beth, Alannah, and Nathalie) found themselves in third place with one round to go.  In the final round, competing against our own A team and T-ride, they held their own.  In the end, they were barely leap-frogged by Ridgway - ending up fourth.   Our C team (Kallie, Joy, and Georgia) ended up 9th out of 12 teams.
Congratulations to our excellent students!  I am lucky to get to watch them and marvel at their intelligence and character.  Thank you all for your help in developing these fine people.
The League Championship competition will return to Ouray next year in January.....where it belongs!!!  On to State.

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