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Hello, Everyone! Thanks for your support of the MS and HS XC program this season. There were some tremendous improvements and personal growth along the way in a terrifically fun atmosphere! Kudos to our coaches (Christy Wilbur - Taylor Chase - Dave Emory - Ryan Magee - Jessie Bratcher) for setting a tone that these amazing athletes took to heart and therefore used to set sail to high levels of performance!
Special congrats are in order to Cooper Rondinelli and Mackenzie Gibbs whose Regional competition finish earned them SJBL All-conference honors, and to Zach Briggs who was Honorable Mention all-conference! Read more
 SJBL All-conference honors Cooper Rondinelli
 SJBL All-conference honors Mackenzie Gibbs
Honorable Mention all-conference Zach Briggs

Ouray-Ridgway-Silverton XC 2017 Results

 Norris-Penrose Events Center … Colorado Springs, CO

Saturday, October 28, 2017 … 11:20 a.m. 2A Boys race

5K Course … 109 finishers … 16 teams

2016 places and times in []’s, if available

Cooper Rondinelli: 35th place … 18:10.6 [38th place … 18:42.07]

Zach Briggs: 44th place … 18:40.5 [52nd place … 19:11.20]

Harold Rayos: 76th place … 19:38.9

Cayden Wrublik: 94th place … 20:19.8

Cade Norwood: 96th place … 20:22.3 (PR…old PR = 20:23.64, Regionals, 2017)

Liam Miller: 106th place … 22:18.4

Team points: 119 … 13th place [Team points: 126 …  12th place] 

High School Cross Country:  CURRENT POWER RANKINGS, 2017

(Recorded best times, 2017 season) (Updated: 10-28-17)


1.  Cooper Rondinelli:  17:09.16 (PR) (Delta)

2.  Zach Briggs:        17:42.50 (PR) (Delta)

3.  Harold Rayos:       18:46.79 (PR) (Regionals)

4.  Cayden Wrublik:     19:52.12 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)

5.  Cade Norwood:       20:22.30 (PR) (State)

6.  Liam Miller:        20:42.02 (PR) (Delta)

7.  Sean Taplin:        23:26.71 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)

8.  Raul Acosta:        23:43.06 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)


1.  Scout Donovan:      22:32.19 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)

2.  Mackenzie Gibbs:    23:27.98 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)

3.  Daniela Acosta:     24:13.45 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)

4.  Raja B.-Lefevbre:   24:15.52 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)

5.  Geny McArdle:       25:16.30 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)

6.  Emelie deKay:       26:27.34 (PR) (Sweitzer Lake)

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