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We are excited to announce that we are implementing Student Led Conferences this year for our high school students. This idea started with our Multi‐Tiered System of Support team (MTSS) setting goals around building community, family, and school partnerships. We wanted to work with parents to demonstrate how students are progressing in their academics. As the team worked on this idea the more we realized student led conferences truly align with our goals as a staff and our district goal of students taking ownership in their learning. We feel like this is just what we needed for students to do.

Other benefits include preparing students for portfolio/capstone building which several post‐secondary institutions are moving towards. We are preparing student for public speaking, interviewing, and communicating their strengths as a future employee. Over the course of their high school careers they will be building evidence for scholarship committees and/or future employers.

You might be wondering how this will look different from past parent teacher conferences at the high school. First, prior to their conference, students will be working with their mentors to develop a portfolio, set goals, identify strengths, areas of growth and the diploma type they are working towards. Second, instead of walking around from teacher to teacher, your student will contact you to set up an appointment for their conference. The first 20 minutes of their Student‐Led Conference, your student will present their progress in their classes and set goals based on their needs. Their mentor will guide students during their conference to make meaningful connections between their progress in class and their study habits and goals. The remaining 40 minutes of your assigned appointment will be left open for you and your student to go and see individual teachers to ask clarifying questions, if needed.

However, our end goal is that your student will be working to compile work samples to share with you and build a portfolio of their learning. Within the next few days your student should be calling you to schedule a time to meet with you and their mentor. We are looking forward to your support and hope that you are as excited about this as our team is.

The MTSS Team

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